Web-based Telecommunication Link Analysis and Operation Tool

Real-time communications link performance verification and spacecraft anomalous correction require an efficient and reliable tool. NASA/JPL has developed the Telecommunications Forecaster and Predictor (TFP) to support many NASA missions. Current collaboration between California State University, Fullerton and NASA/JPL has resulted in an efficient prototype web-based telecommunications planning tool, which can be extended to accommodate many operational needs for NASA missions including the NASAís popular missions, Mars Exploration Rover (MER), Cassini, etc. The expected significance of the development of a web-based telecomm link analysis and operation includes: (1) telecommunication analysis anywhere (2) multiple mission capability, (3) multiple spacecraft operation modes, and (4) 2-D/3-D animated mission models support.

(funded by NASA-JPL since 2002)


Last modified on 3/1/2007